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Welcome! If you are searching for high quality, low-temperature  thermostats at a reasonable price for your late-model Ford vehicle,  you've come to the right place.  This process of selling custom, USA-made, Stant thermostats was  something I began tinkering with in 2014 - coinciding with over 25  years of turning wrenches on many project cars. I initially  distributed these 170° versions for the 2003 & 2004 Mustang  Cobra "Terminator" crowd - hence the name "Termi-Stat" - then kept  going. It's just a slight play on words, but it fits nicely for a small  side venture that I've expanded to other applications. I also have  one in my own 2003 Cobra, and it performs flawlessly (the same  model also fits my 2014 Explorer Sport with the EcoBoost V-6)!   Staying with the Terminator theme, the models are T-1, T-2, and T-3,  which fit a wide range of Ford vehicles. All can be found by  selecting your vehicle or engine from the tabs on the left side.  Additionally, you can use the Cross Reference page to verify the fit  of other Motorcraft and Stant thermostats if your vehicle is not  found. The price for each includes shipping, and all also come with a  new o-ring or gasket. Even better: your thermostat will be replaced  free of charge if it ever fails in the vehicle for which it was  originally installed, while under your ownership! See the Purchase  tab to the left when you are ready.  For those that know me and have seen my Terminator-Cobra website,  some of the information contained here comes directly from my  Cooling page there. I want to keep this site simple and  straightforward, but feel free to e-mail me with any questions,  comments, or suggestions to help make it easier for everyone.   Thanks for stopping by!  Note: This site has been optimized for viewing with Mozilla Firefox, in a “BankGothic Md”  font (the same as on the Installation document). This font may not always show up in  certain browsers as I have laid it out. My apologies in advance for any format or  viewing inconsistencies that may arise!